Frequently Asked Questions

Infrastructure Specialist Group Ethics Hotline

What is the purpose of this hotline?

The ISG Ethics Hotline, which is independently operated by KPMG, has been established with the aim to enhance an honest work ethic and simultaneously provide employees with a mechanism to bring any unethical business practices to the attention of management.

This hotline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Is the hotline number toll free?

The number is toll free if you call from a Telkom phone (including public phones) within South Africa.It is as simple as dialling 0800 21 26 45 (within the borders of South Africa). Calls made from cellular telephones will be charged at standard service provider rates. Calls made from outside South Africa will be charged at the applicable international call rates.

Can I call the hotline to query general internal matters or to seek advice on internal issues?

This hotline is available to you for the purposes of reporting unethical behaviour, theft, fraud or related activities within ISG.If you have any queries on these matters you may contact the hotline, where one of our friendly and experienced agents will assist you.KPMG cannot provide advice or details regarding internal employee grievances. Such queries should be referred to your HR Department.

Are the calls recorded (why)?

Yes, our calls are recorded in order to ensure the accuracy of the reports we send to ISG for investigation. These recordings are used for our internal purposes only.

Do I have to give my name?

No, you do not have to reveal your name or any of your details. It is important to remember though that in some cases (for example where you are personally affected) you may be encouraged to provide your personal details.

These are your options:

  • Provide your personal details which will be passed on to ISG;

  • Provide your personal details to KPMG Ethics Line, but request that these are not passed on to ISG; or

  • main totally anonymous (do not give the call centre agent any of your personal details).

Why do the agents not give their names?

Instead of giving you a name, the agent WILL give you a reference number which can be used to make follow up reports or obtain feedback on the matter reported. Our agents do not provide their personal details for the following reasons:

  • The same agent that took your initial report will not always be available assist you;
  • This is another way in which we protect our agents.

Why do the agents ask me questions?

Agents sometimes ask questions to ensure that we obtain all the information necessary for ISG to investigate your report. Callers often have valuable information of which they are not aware, and our agents are trained to guide you as the caller through the reporting process.

If I give my name, will my details be revealed to ISG or any of the persons I reported?

No, your personal details will not be revealed to ISG if you request that your report be submitted anonymously (even though you give Ethics Line your name). Should you ask that your details be revealed in the report; ISG will not divulge these details to those individuals that you reported.
Remember: If you are hesitant about giving your personal details, it is better to remain anonymous.

Can I personally meet with someone to give my report?

If you wish to personally meet with someone at ISG, you will be requested to provide your name and contact details along with your request, which will then be passed on to the ISG for consideration.

What happens to the report that I make to the ISG Hotline?

The information that you provide to the agent is typed into a report, which is sent to senior management at ISG for further investigation.

Will my report be investigated?

Yes, ISG is committed to acting pro-actively in addressing unethical behaviour, theft, fraud or related activity and has thus joined forces with KPMG to introduce an independent reporting channel for all ISG employees.

How long will the investigation take?

Investigation periods differ, as each report is treated individually. The hotline operator will give you a reference number and advise you when to call back for feedback. Remember you can use your reference number at any time to call the hotline and provide additional information.

Will I receive feedback?

Yes, except in instances where ISG is prohibited (by law or internal policy) to provide certain confidential information.

Will someone call me with feedback?

This will depend on whether you choose to make your report anonymously.

Why do I receive a reference number?

You will receive a reference number for every new report you make with the hotline. This reference number is yours alone - do not give it to someone else to follow up on your behalf. The reference number also helps you to add information to your original report and to obtain feedback (where applicable).

Are there any other ways of reporting to the hotline (besides using the telephone)?

Yes, you may also report to the hotline via:

  • Hotfax (a fax number that is toll-free in South Africa);
  • Hotpost (a postal address that is toll-free in South Africa); and
  • Hotmail (a secure email address that is operated by KPMG, so your report can be made anonymously)
  • Hotlink (a secure web-link that is operated by KPMG)

Simply call the hotline, where one of our agents will provide you with a reference number and guidance on how to use one of our alternative ways of reporting.

Always remember to get a reference number when you make a report with the hotline and keep your reference number safe for future use.For your own protection, also remember to keep this reference number to yourself!
The Infrastructure Specialist Group is appealing to you to use the hotline. Do not be a silent observer of practises that erode the values we wish to uphold!