Paving Upgrade for Free State Townships

28 August 2006



Road upgrade project to upgrade roads and footpaths in two Free State townships has had the double benefit of providing jobs for scores of local residents and improving the quality of life people living in the area.

Almost 100 township-dwellers - some of them employees of the Sesoto Municipality - were engaged in the upliftment project. During the re-surfacing of the new roads and walkways, on-site training in paving techniques was undertaken by personnel from Technicrete and the contracting engineer, Ridmat Projects of Harrismith.

Setsoto Municipality incorporates the Free State towns of Ficksburg, Clocolan, Marquard and Senekal, and the project saw the paving of almost 5kms of roads and 3km of sidewalks as part of a general upgrading process in the region. Most of the road-paving - 4kms - was done in Ficksburg, the largest town in the municipality, the balance in Clocolan.

Technicrete's Welkom manufacturing plant supplied Double Zig-Zag paving blocks for the project. These are interlocking pavers which form a continuous hard-wearing surface overlay. Their ease of installation, aesthetically appealing finish and economy have made them amongst the most popular surfaces to be chosen by municipalities engaged in community upliftment projects.

Furthermore, should remedial work be necessary to underground services, the blocks can be removed and replaced without impairing the overall appearance and riding surface of the road pavement.

The maintenance free life offered by paving will also result in a more cost effective long term project.

Once laid the concrete block roadway could be immediately utilized as it does not have to wait for curing thereby providing an immediate return on investment.

In the process many jobless people have learned valuable new skills -and been given employment.