Solving a slippery slope problem

28 August 2006



5-metre high slopeow do you transform a steep, five metre-high slope into a beautiful garden design feature and still ensure it's stable, erosion-proof and easy to maintain?

Landscape experts faced this problem when designing the gardens for a luxury home overlooking Ebenezer Dam, in Limpopo Province. They found the solution with Technicrete's Earthform retaining blocks. More than that, however, the blocks also served as a support for the owner's helicopter landing pad.

The height and steepness of the slope posed the major test. But Earthform is designed to eliminate such difficult-to-maintain problem areas by creating support for plantable terraces, and this was the answer for Jurg van Staden of Interlock Paving, Tzaneen.

He eliminated the steepness of the single slope by creating two stepped-down terraces, each supported by layers of Earthform blocks in a warm autumn shade. The bottom level terrace was raised to 1,8m above ground level, while sloping gently upwards behind it, the top terrace rose another 3,5m.

Today, flowers and greenery grow out of the face of the walls, the effect being to create a natural-looking, easily sloping garden out of what had been a miniature cliff-face. Problem solved.