Technicrete RESPONSE TEAM IN 1 000km DASH

26 August 2008



RoadCoastal Technicrete technical team made a there-and-back cross-country trip of almost 1 000kms – all in the cause of customer satisfaction.


The long trip across winding country roads from their base in Port Elizabeth to a construction site in the Mbashe district of Transkei was all in a day’s work for the team, answering a call from a client who was having problems lining a road and drainage canal with Concor Technicrete Armorflex erosion-control blocks.


RoadThe project under way was the surfacing of a 1,4km-long road for vehicles transporting materials and equipment to an Eskom hydro-electric power station in the area. A drainage canal flanking the road was also being lined with the Armorflex blocks, 3 500m² of which were being used.


“The problem was that Eskom’s contract company Roshcon which was carrying out the work of laying the blocks was not satisfied with the final result and called us for advice on the correct way to lay the blocks,” says Simon Wells, regional manager for PE-based Coastal Technicrete. “There was no other way than go and show them how to do it.”


RoadStarting out before dawn, Wells and sales consultant Jackie Burger headed for the site 485kms away. It was slow going at times, and it took a few minutes under an hour to cover the last 27kms. An on-site “crash-course” of instruction on block-laying techniques followed.


“The workers quickly got the hang of it, and the trip paid off,” Wells reported. “The result speaks for itself.”


Armorflex blocks are specially engineered to retain soil, withstand high water flow and create an environment that will encourage vegetation to flourish.