22 July 2008



SAMORA MACHEL MUSEUMor the memorial museum to the late Mozambique president, Samora Machel, on the site of his fatal air crash in 1986 , designers conceived an open surrounding brick-faced structure which would pay due respects to the dead leader – dignified and in keeping with the history of the man without being unnecessarily somber.


SAMORA MACHEL MUSEUMFor this structure, Technicrete’s diamond-faced Concor Maxi Brick was selected, its beveled-facet edges in a tan colour echoing the changing tones of the surrounding Mpumalanga landscape.


SAMORA MACHEL MUSEUMThe wreckage of the Soviet airliner in which President Machel perished forms an integral part of the museum of remembrance and auditorium near Komatipoort, on the South African-Mozambique border.


Walkways and driveways through the memorial area were surfaced with another Technicrete product, 200 000 60mm grey coloured Concor Double Zig-Zag interlocking pavers.


The whole effect, in a combination of subdued colours and shapes, achieved the required dignity and restrained informality.