12 March 2009



ATTERIDGEVILLE SUPER STADIUMmassive operation to surface roadways, parking spaces for thousands of vehicles and extensive pedestrian walkways at the Atteridgeville Super Stadium near Pretoria is nearing completion. Phase 8 of the project, which includes the final paving and “clean-up” is due to be completed by the end of May.


ATTERIDGEVILLE SUPER STADIUM“It has been a huge paving undertaking - certainly the biggest paving project in which we have ever been involved,” says Ravine Perumal, project manager for the main paving contractors, Pretoria-based Buildagain Projects.


Technicrete’s interlocking Double-Zig-Zag concrete paving blocks have been the mainstay of the super-sized project, with about 12 000 m² of blocks having been used in the course of the latest development phase alone.


ATTERIDGEVILLE SUPER STADIUMA total of 9 590m² of the extra-strength 80mm-thick grey-coloured blocks were laid to handle the heavier-load vehicle areas in the latest phase, while another 2 600m² of 55mm-thick Double-Zig-Zags in contrasting tan colour were specified for predominately pedestrian areas.


“The whole thing was a challenging logistical operation, but reliability of supply of the paving blocks from Technicrete has been of great help in helping avoid building delays,” Perumal says.