1 September 2011



Traffic Calming Blocknew “non-aggressive” traffic-calming system which slows vehicles without causing damage has been launched by concrete products manufacturer Technicrete following months of research and testing in actual traffic conditions.


The Ripplesett block consists of a base concrete paving block with a contoured abrasion-resistant concrete top surface which when laid in a prescribed pattern limits speeding traffic without causing vehicle damage.

Technicrete research looked at a range of existing traffic-calming and speed-reduction systems, including the conventional humps encountered at traffic circles and suburban roads, as well as metal and rubberized devices most often found in parking areas.


“We established that some traffic calming systems reduce speed but at the cost of damage a vehicle, especially if it is a low-slung car. The design parameters for Ripplesett were a block system which would be at least as effective as any existing device but was less aggressive to a vehicle,” says Taco Vogt, Technicrete product development manager.


Blocks are spaced 450mm-500mm apart to create the necessary “drag” on a vehicle’s speed.