27 November 2012



Armorflexmbankments require strong protection against the elements eroding and undercutting such slopes To that effect Technicrete’s Armorflex Erosion Control System has all the attributes to maintain the structural integrity sought after the project has been completed as well as offering an attractive visual and environmentally acceptable alternative to a dusty and sometimes muddy slope.


Technicrete supplied Ansaki Construction with Armorflex 180 to line the embankments at the Silica Mine in Polokwane. Ansaki’s Adriaan Willems said “We were looking for a lining that offered us superior anti-erosion qualities and that enabled the water to flow easily through the embankment whilst still maintaining the integrity of the subgrade. The Armorflex 180 is specifically designed for this kind of project; it is cost efficient as well as being an attractive and reliable solution. The embankment had a slope of +- 24-26 deg and 8000 m2 of Armorflex 180 was utilised to line and protect the embankment. The key element of contribution that Armorflex offers is its inherent erosion protection qualities”.


ArmorflexArmorflex can be supplied palletized in loose block form for manual installation or in preformed mats for mechanical installation. The uniform sized blocks creating the ‘mattress finish’ have a mechanical interlock in one direction and the cabling that passes longitudinally through the preformed duct in each block ensures a tight interlock in the other direction.The lining formation enables it to withstand high water velocities and wave attack. Alternative sizes and weights of mats can be produced for special applications. Armorflex can be installed around rocks and boulders easily and is not damaged by the constant influx of debris into a channel or onto the embankment. The blocks ensure no embankment slippage through their unique tapered design giving flexibility to the mat and reducing stress to the blocks. If settlement occurs after installation, the Armorflex merely adjusts to the new contours.


The water resistance, durability and strength of the Armorflex product is evident when visiting the Alberton/Natalspruit project that was constructed some 30 years ago - the Armorflex lining is still intact and performing well.


The blocks come in four ranges, namely: Armorflex 180 (open block) with a unit weight of 180 kg/m2  with dimensions of 340 x 294 x 115 mm, Armorflex 205 (closed block) with a unit weight of 205 kg/m2 with dimensions of 340 x 294 x 115 mm, Armorflex 140 (open block) with a unit weight of 140 kg/m2  and dimensions of 340 x 400 x 95 mm and Armorflex 165 (closed block) with a unit weight of 165 kg/m2  with dimensions of 340 x 400 x 95 mm. The factory assembled Armorflex mats are usually tied together using a polyrene rope, while with manual installations a 3.15 mm diameter galvanized mild steel wire is used. In all applications a vertical bending radius of 0.5 metre is achievable.


The Armorflex blocks can be installed quickly and easily and offers a solution to environments that are subject to severe climatic conditions and extreme water flow velocities.