18 July 2013




hen mining activities are conducted above or below ground the products and equipment utilised have to be of good quality and conform to operational and safety standards. Technicrete has a unique range of pre-bagged concrete mixes as well as heavy-duty blocks which offer effective solutions for applications within the mining sector.




Most mines use sand, ash and gravel to construct their roadways, some may use concrete but at a higher cost due to steel reinforcement being required. While considerably cheaper, the sand and gravel option often leads to the formation of excessive mud/water potholes – the disadvantages and high cost elements can be avoided with Technicrete’s Deckwerk, which has been used in heavy-duty applications for more than 30 years, and in some instances is still meeting the requirements in performance and in its longevity.


Technicrete’s Deckwerk is a heavy-duty paver which can be used for underground roadways as well as heavy-duty surface applications. Down-time is costly for mining operations and this is avoided with Deckwerk due it being able to be installed while the roads are still being trafficked. A unique feature is the 3-way mechanical interlock, which maintains the integrity of the surrounding blocks while resisting uplift forces.


This product has been installed in many mining operations and offers benefits such as; no more tyre damage due to sharp rocks cutting or protruding the roadway; less wheel bearing failures as deep mud and water is eliminated; no more transmission and hydraulic hose failures, more constant speeds can be obtained as one does not have to navigate potholes so less fuel wasted and a more efficient rolling stock. Drains don’t have to be installed as the water can be channelled up against the sidewall of the roadway. Deckwerk can be used as an erosion protection system in lining of canal floors and wall sides.


Deckwerk is suitable for surface and underground installations, from container yards, warehouses, underground incline shafts and heavy-duty workshop floors. Deckwerk can be designed to meet additional customer requirements encompassing high compressive strengths and abrasion resistant properties.


HT33 Grout


HT33 is a hydraulic hardening construction material that is used as grout for civil work and used in coal mining to construct high pressure dam seals as well as in the gold mining industry for box fronts, winch beds etc. It is very beneficial when the placing of concrete is in areas that are difficult to access due to space constraints. It has good lubrication properties and can be pumped in small diameter pumps over long distances. It is self-levelling and self-compacting with an open time of 300 minutes.

Mixer Pump

It has been commonly used to seal old workings and shafts due to its lack of shrinkage while at the same time eliminating the ingress/escaping of water and gasses. It is supplied in cost effective 25kg bags or delivered in bulk depending on the customer’s requirements.



Used as a rock support, the Thin Skin Liner (TSL) pre-bagged polymer-based reinforced liner provides surface stabilisation between rock bolts. The Technicrete TSL is water based and supplied in an easy-to-use kit, with one kit providing 13.5 litres of mixed material which would cover approximately 3-4 m2 of rock surface with a 4mm thickness, depending on the roughness of the sprayed face. It has a pot life of 15-20 minutes at between 28-32o C. The TSL is able to be applied quickly which the mining industry requires for a ‘Make Safe Solution’. It can be sprayed over rock to stabilise and to prevent oxidation of the rock and the unraveling of the rock mass, thereby preventing rock falls.


The contents are emptied into a mixer/pump arrangement and sprayed onto a cleaned rock face. The spray is directed into any open joints for maximum protection. The tensile properties of the TSL spanning across joints and cracks resist shear and direct tensile movement adding to stability in the rock mass for additional safety. Technicrete TSL easily exceeds the specification of the European Federation of national Associations Representing for Concrete (EFNARC). It is a suited to underground activities and is easily used in confined areas. The cleaning of the equipment is simplified by simply flushing and washing with clean water and so minimizing pump and hose blockages. This allows easy maintenance of the application.