9 October 2013



Whispering Pineshe development of residential estates and sectional title complexes on the West Rand has been on the go for over 15 years. The demand for affordable yet attractive housing is still high as evidenced by the continuous construction of medium sized start-up residential complexes, particularly in the Little Falls area, near Krugersdorp, which is close to many shopping amenities and highways in addition to being a main arterial route to the North West region.


KOAD Architectural Designs based in Roodepoort, has been active in the design of affordable housing and were recently appointed as architects to the new Whispering Pines residential complex at Little Falls. Johan Wolmarans from KOAD commented “The Whispering Pines complex had to conform to town planning ‘conditions of establishment’ requirements, which included that the complex should have differing roof styles. It was built on regular standard foundations with simple affordable materials, making the units within reach financially for the first time owner. There are 47 units, spanning over three properties”.


The owner and project manager, Michel Maritz from Hennox 61 cc, part of the Genesis Group of developers, said “There is a great demand for this kind of residence, and Whispering Pines is now fully sold and the first occupation took place in July. The complex was paved with Technicrete pavers”.


Whispering Pines“Vos Grassouw, the Technicrete Sales Consultant introduced us to their BondBrick product. We decided to invest in the product because of the cost, quality and longevity characteristics as well as its appearance. Factored into our decision was the fact that these units needed to be attractive to interest potential buyer’s as well as ensuring residents that there would be no need to replace paving in the short to medium term. The BondBrick is an attractive brick. It is long lasting, so we are confident there will be no cracking down the line. We chose the grey BondBrick, which was laid in a herringbone formation which gave the complex a nice up-market and professional feel to it. A total of 4, 693 square meters of BondBrick was used in total”.


Whispering Pines“We are pleased at the final finish at Whispering Pines. We had heard of the Technicrete quality beforehand, and now that we have experienced their professionalism and reliability, we will continue to use their products on our future developments” said Maritz.