21 February 2014



With the potential for flooding along the Vaal River and Vaal Dam areas ever present, waterfront properties are constantly at risk of being washed away or damaged. Yet one property which installed a retaining wall constructed from Technicrete’s Earthform garden blocks in 2009, is still standing intact, despite the massive floods of 2010 and 2011.

Jannie Odendaal bought farm land and built his new house with a water frontage on the Vaal River between Christiana and Bloemhof on the North West Province’s N12 Treasure Route. Realising that the Vaal Dam was a main water catchment area and that the upstream Dam held up to 2,600 million cubic meters of water, he wisely sought a product to construct a solid retaining wall, and chose Technicrete’s Earthform.

Odendaal said “I am not an engineer and have no technical knowledge on retaining walls and how to erect them. I selected Earthform, simply because the accompanying pamphlet gave me very easy-to-understand instructions on how to install the garden blocks. Four of us erected a retaining wall, three meters from the level of the water to a height of over six meters and in a circular design, which we believed would help ease water pressure in the event of a flood”.