anaging the maintenance budget within a Sectional Title or Full title managed property throws up many challenges for the Trustees or Estate Managers, not least the requirement by owners that value for money and quality of work is achieved. Irene Glen Estate, in Centurion, chose Technicrete paving for their road renovations instead of re-surfacing it with tar.

Estate Manager Zelda Meyer said “The main driveway around Irene Glen Estate needed some repair work, and we were faced with the dilemma as to whether we should resurface with asphalt or tar, or look towards using paving bricks. The upgrade/repair and maintenance factors going forward, was a deciding factor that made us go with the Technicrete Double Zig Zag (DZZ) interlocking paving. Should maintenance be required in the future, we merely need to remove the paving in question as opposed to resurfacing sections which always leaves indentations and a non-unified appearance. It made budgetary sense to use the paving option”.

“The simplicity of removing any damaged interlocking pavers and merely replacing them with new pavers is what gave Technicrete the edge at Irene Glen Estate. One only replaces the section under review, not the entire driveway, which ensures that the good and professional appearance remains intact” commented ZS Coetzee, Technicrete’s Sales Consultant for the project.

“We supplied 17,000 m2 of 60 DZZ grey interlocking pavers to the estate’s contractor Vesles Civils. Our DZZ’s are exceptionally hard wearing and form a continuous smooth surface overlay, which offer not only an elegant appearance but also an economical solution. They are available in Grey, Autumn, Terracotta, Plum, Slate and Tan colour options” said Coetzee.


“The decision to use the DZZs on our road was also based on longevity – interlocking pavers correctly installed will last longer than asphalt - and the ease of upkeep. We believe the paving has been a worthwhile investment for Irene Glen Estate, and we are happy with the finished look. It looks neat, tidy and smart” concluded Meyer.