Deckwerk ®

A three dimensional interlocking block paver that has proved to be a superior surfacing in many applications. With the use of mechanical interlocking blocks, the scope of suitable applications is made even wider.


Thickness Available Length Width No. blocks p/m²
100 mm 240x240 17


Deckwerk ® Special features: Horizontal and vertical interlock
Colours Available: Standard Grey. Coloured products on request.
General Application: Flexible concrete linings, Storm water channels 6 canals, Spillways 6 chutes, Extra heavy duty pavements, Settling ponds 6 sludge drying areas
Advantages of mechanical interlocking blocks: Maintains integrity with surrounding blocks/ any ground settlements will not dislodge an individual block/ resists uplift forces when used in channels or in sludge drying areas/ security against uplift by non authorised persons is greatly improved/ load transfer is direct from block to block and not via the jointing sand alone, jointing sand is less susceptible to blow out or wash out/ added resistance to uplift on steep slopes.