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A modified Polymer based fibre reinforced thin sprayed liner This product is used as a rock support to provide surface stabilisation between rock bolts. Technicrete TSL is water based and is supplied in an easy-to-use kit consisting of a special liquid. A blend of powder chemicals, and graded silica sand with polypropylene fibres.

Mechanical Properties

One kit provides approximately 13.5 litres of mixed material.

  • One kit covers about 3 – 4m of rock surface at 4mm thick, depending on the roughness.
  • Pot life is about 15 – 20 minutes at temperatures of 28 – 32°C.


Shear strength
> 0.25 MPa @ 24 hours > 0.66 MPa @ 24 hours
14.0 MPa @ 28 days
Tensile strength
> 2 MPa @ 7 days > 2.60 MPa @ 27 days
3.00 MPa @ 28 days
Ultimate Bond
Shear 1.0 MPa 2.0 MPa @ 28 days
Bond strength
1.0 MPa 3.0 MPa @ 28 days


The contents of the kit are simply emptied into a suitable mixer / pump arrangement and sprayed onto the cleaned rock face to be supported. The spray is directed into any open joints etc for maximum penetration.


The equipment used is a simple mixer / pump arrangement having a positive displacement type pump. The delivery hose should be about seven metres for best effect. Compressed air is added at the nozzle to spray the fresh mix.


Cleaning of the equipment is easy by simply flushing thoroughly with water after the application is complete.


The freshly mixed TSL is sprayed under pressure directing the material into the open joints and fissures and covering all surfaces. The bonding properties of the TSL bind the rock faces inside the fissures to provide a more stabilised rock surface. This has the effect of minimising the unravelling of the rock mass.


The tensile properties of the TSL spanning across joints and cracks resist shear and direct tensile movement, thereby adding to back-pressure into the rock mass for added stabilisation.


In low stress environments the bonding and tensile strengths help to prevent block movements keeping the rock ‘beam’ intact.



Can be rapidly deployed in the underground environment as the equipment is easily manhandled in confined areas.

  • This sprayed-on support is quick to mix and apply, and hardens rapidly to enable easy application within the mining cycle.
  • Used as a rock support for areal stablisation of rock surfaces.
  • Stabilisation of friable ground.
  • Sealing of sensitive rock types against water and humidity i.e. smectite, soft shales, etc.
  • Preventing the unravelling of fractured ground by holding key blocks in place.
  • Sealing of dams, sumps and drains.
  • A temporary areal support – prior to overcoating with shotcrete. (Shotctrete has powerful adhesion to Technicrete TSL.)
  • Can be safely applied to damp substrates, but not onto surfaces covered in running water.