Set amongst the unspoilt rolling hills, grass and woodlands that surround the Eikenhof, Midvaal area, south of Johannesburg, the Eye of Africa Golf and Residential Estate has been developed to offer the best that life can offer a homeowner – a quality lifestyle with quality residential finishes.

Construction and civils contracting company, Down to Earth Civils, selected Technicrete and Rocla for the supply of paving, manholes and storm water pipes for Phase One of the project, which when completed will have over 2,000 residential homes and apartments. The project commenced in August 2021 and was completed towards the end of 2021. Additionally, Technicrete will be supplying 18,900 m2 of DZZ 60 mm Slate pavers for Phase Two of the Eye of Africa resort which commenced mid-2022.

Down to Earth Civils, Senior Site Agent Philip Foster said “We have worked with both Technicrete and Rocla on projects over the years and we selected them for the Eye of the South project primarily due to the high quality of their pre-cast concrete paving and storm water related products, their delivery scheduling and their competitive pricing”.

“The 25,000 m2 of main roadways throughout the estate have been paved with Technicrete’s DZZ 60 mm slate coloured interlocking pavers. It is a quality paver that offers the durability required by an estate of this size” said Foster.

Grant Fourie, Sales Consultant at Technicrete Olifantsfontein said, “The DZZ 60 mm pavers form a continuous interlocking hard wearing surface overlay and once they have been fully applied give a visually pleasing finish to the roadways throughout the Eye of the South Estate. We will be supplying a further 18,900 m2 of our DZZ’s to the second phase of the Eye of the South project”.

“We have a good working relationship with Down to Earth Civils and our ability to manufacture quickly, efficiently and meet the scheduling demands associated with the Eye of the South development made us the preferred partner” commented Fourie.

“As with all residential and commercial developments appropriate storm water drainage and sewage systems must be installed to meet the needs of the expected water capture levels at the estate and we selected storm water pipes and manholes from Rocla. They are recognized throughout the country as the preferred product for storm water reticulation and redirection” said Foster.

To meet the estate’s storm water requirements Rocla supplied 675 meters of interlocking joint pipes. The IJ pipes are specifically designed and manufactured for storm water applications. The male/female type joint is formed inside the wall of the pipe, eliminating any widening of the pipe, and therefore the outside dimensions of the pipe remain constant. The joint itself is used for centering the pipe during laying operations, thus making the process easier.

Fourie added “Although the IJ pipe is primarily designed for use in a non-watertight pipe-line, rubber collars can be supplied to facilitate a measure of water tightness. These can be used where the ingress of groundwater needs to be avoided, and the more expensive rubber ring joint pipe is not necessary”.

“The pipes are manufactured in 2,44m and 1,22m, but can be manufactured in special lengths to meet specified customer requirements. Special intermediate strengths or heavier loading requirements can be designed and manufactured. These are subject to various material constraints, but will be evaluated by our engineers on an ad hoc basis” concluded Fourie.

Rocla also supplied 142 manhole units of 1000mm in diameter to the estate.