Infrastructure Specialists Group assists the Viva Foundation

The South African impoverished community faces many socially-ill related issues and not least of these is the increasing development of informal settlements and the related problems that create an environment of insecurity. The Viva Foundation, a non-profit organisation that strives to turn these informal settlements into stable and safe neighbourhoods, relies heavily on support from the industrial and business sectors for funding and donations of materials that assist in the establishment of these safe havens known as ‘Viva Villages’.


Technicrete ISG, a subsidiary of the IS Group has donated 1,122 meters of concrete Palisade fencing that is being used to secure two Viva properties: 286 meters at the Mamelodi East Viva Village and 836 meters at the Refilwe, Cullinan Viva Sharehouse. Group Marketing and Communications Manager of ISG, Guinevere Thomas said “Projects such as these Viva Villages provide so much hope for those living in these informal settlements, particularly the children, that we at Technicrete ISG, wanted to assist in the securing of the facilities and equipment that the Viva Foundation had worked so hard to acquire, hence our generous donation of concrete Palisade fencing and installation.

Chief Executive Officer of the Viva Foundation, Meleney Berry-Kriel said “Both of these Viva facilities offer crucial activities such as education, sport and recreation, employment, social awareness support and developmental programmes, accommodation, farming and fresh vegetable projects. Obviously at site we have valuable training and computer equipment as well as hardware and tools for the farming activities. The donation of the concrete fencing by Technicrete ISG has been most welcome, and affords our village community some security in this poverty stricken area”.

“Having the perimeter concrete palisade fencing also ensures that we are able keep the children and other Viva employees safe while conducting our daily activities and classes, and we appreciate the interest and support from Technicrete ISG” Berry-Kriel concluded.


The Technicrete ISG steel reinforced concrete Palisade fencing is a high quality security system and its open slat configuration acts as deterrent to intruders due to their presence being clearly visible.


The Palisade fencing is also suited for airports, railways stations, hospitals, sports grounds, warehousing and other areas that require a strong and quality security fencing system.