An Elegant finish at Broadlands Residential Estate Polokwane

Polokwane, October 2016

A key criteria in the ever burgeoning residential estate market is an elegant and presentable finish to developments. With property owners paying top prices for estate exclusivity and security, they expect to reside in a property that matches their investment. Technicrete’s Keystone paving has been the choice for many residential estates countrywide due to its superior finish, and was recently installed at five private residences at the Broadlands Residential Estate in Polokwane, not far from the Mall of the North retail complex.

Jan Booysen, Owner of Boema Paving based in Polokwane said “Technicrete ISG’s Keystone paving was chosen for the five Broadlands residences due to its unique and distinctive styling which combines two distinctive shapes into one unit. The Keystone paving range blocks are not only elegant, but offer a maintenance free surface, making it an economical and practical choice. At one of the residences the large area needing to be paved had to complement the colouring and style of the main house and its associated out-buildings. We believe that the Keystone has achieved this and the final appearance is outstanding.”

“Technicrete’s Keystone paving was chosen for its durability, appearance and because it conformed to SABS standards. I cannot fault the service we received from Technicrete ISG, for example, one pallet of the autumn coloured paving was slightly ‘out-of-shade’ with the other supplies when we applied them. Technicrete ISG immediately replaced this supply with a pallet of autumn bricks that matched up perfectly” said Booysen.

“The Keystone paver is suitable for domestic driveways, pedestrian walkways, petrol forecourts, industrial and factory roads, municipal parking areas, commercial developments as well as suburban streets. It is a good looking product that has been installed in many residential estates because of its final appearance” commented Hendrik Steenkamp, Sales Representative for Technicrete ISG in Polokwane.

“Of course, the key to achieving this elegance is in how the paving is installed. Boemo Paving, who did the installations at Broadlands Residential Estate, has a good and qualified paving crew applying the autumn coloured 60 mm paving over an area covering 1,700 m“ Steenkamp said.

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