Don’t you just wish, when driving along a bumpy sand road, that there could be some form of tracking to make the journey easier? Or even when driving up your own driveway, that there is an attractive greened track that blends in with your already established landscaping? A simple yet highly engineered hardlawn paving from Technicrete, Amorflex HLP, is probably the best solution for a stable grounding.

Easy to maintain by using traditional lawn maintenance techniques, Amorflex HLP paving blocks allow the natural greening of paved surfaces to form hard wearing grassed driveways, roadways, parking areas and embankments. They can also be used on embankments for light duty erosion protection as well as a light stormwater run-off.

Once earthworks have been designed to suit the application loading, the preparation for the laying of the Amorflex HLP blocks includes creating a surface of layer works to standard specifications 1200MJ (max 10mm in 3m), and putting down a river sand bedding (with a recommended thickness of between 10mm and 15mm).

The blocks are then hand-compacted into the bedding sand using a rubber mallet.

The top openings in the Armorflex HLP blocks are filled with topsoil and grassed prior to trafficking. The blocks allow natural or planted vegetation to grow through their openings providing the natural aesthetically pleasing finish once installed. Keeping the soil intact is helped by the roots of the plant growth.

The Amorflex HLP blocks are available in 340mm x 294 mm with a 90mm thickness, primarily in grey but other colours are available upon request.