Tuscan Housing Development

Trichardt, September 2007

Owner: A & E Projects
Contractor: Central Bridge Trading 311cc
Manufacturer: Technicrete – Evander
Product: Earthform – autumn blend – 320 X 290 X 180

The project had a special requirement which was, to screen a new residential complex from old and shabby neighbouring buildings and to do it in an environmentally beneficial way.

It was a difficulty faced by the developers of a new Tuscan-style housing development in Trichardt, Mpumalanga. The solution was found – with long-term environmental benefits – through the incorporation of Technicrete’s Concor Earthform retaining wall system in the overall landscaping design of the complex.

The blocks are designed to eliminate steep areas by forming attractive natural-looking terraces and in the process creating plantable, easy-to-maintain gardens.

The blocks, which can be stacked up to eight layers high, are designed to facilitate the growth of flowers and small shrubs from the front face of the wall, eventually creating an effect that is attractive, natural-looking – as well as being practical.