Technicrete, the first South African company to utilise the Pressed Kerb manufacturing concept, has opened a second kerb manufacturing plant based in Roodepoort, Polokwane, Limpopo. This will enable Technicrete to meet the demand in and around Polokwane and from neighbouring provinces.

Infrastructure Specialist Group CEO Roy Robins stated that this is the third significant investment the company has made in Polokwane over the years. “We are able to reach such milestones due to the support received from our customers and the commitment and loyalty of our employees. The plant has been running since April this year and has already exceeded our expectations” said Robins.

“The new Technicrete kerb plant, is a Pressed Kerb plant, and is the first of its kind in the province. Many years ago, Technicrete invested in specialised machinery from the United Kingdom, becoming the first South African company to introduce the Pressed Kerb technology into its kerb manufacturing processes” said Christo van Zyl, Sales and Marketing Director of Infrastructure Specialist Group.

Traditionally kerbs are made using moulds in wet cast which has a longer manufacturing time and requires curing time, before being re-cast for another batch. The Pressed Kerb technology involves the manufacturing of kerbs utilising machinery that have three moulds, enabling kerbs to be manufactured on one machine, saving production time and increasing cost efficiencies. “It is a quicker process while still meeting volume demands and maintaining a consistent quality of kerb” commented van Zyl. Technicrete offers eleven ranges of kerbs for various applications: from barriers kerbs, semi-mountable/mountable kerbs to standard industrial kerbs.